Using Urine Compost Activator

Use of human urine. That said, urine is still great as a compost activator or high nitrogen source to help get good hot compost out of lots of browns.

Urine has been long-established as a free compost activator What do you do to kickstart your compost heap. Would you use a pee bale at work.

For the single family using urine as fertilizer, to use as fertilizer and a great compost activator if used idea about using urine as a fertilizer.

Use compost activators to make compost useable more quickly. They can provide numerous strains of microbes, microbial food, and nitrogen to fuel the process.

Yes, you can compost human urine – as long as the person making it is healthy. Pee is usually sterile to the producer and if you re healthy, normally pretty much.

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using urine compost activator

Why a compost pile may not heat up, what are compost activators, when/how they can help, and five types of compost activator/compost starter you can choose from.

Is human urine a good compost activator.. Edit. Answer by Just make sure what you try and compost will because it will just fly around in the wind.

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