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Comprehensive web protection. Trend Micro Maximum Security 10 provides you with comprehensive, multiple device protection and privacy so you can do great things.

Jul 30, 2015 Trend Micro Antivirus Security 2016 does a good job protecting against malware and spam. It s not quite an Editors Choice, but it s still worth.

Excellent scores in PCMag's antivirus tests. Good scores in independent tests. Above-average iOS protection. Accurate spam filter. Cross-platform password manager. File encryption. Cloud storage scan. Pricey. No longer includes SafeSync backup. Lacks firewall. Parental control is limited. Minor performance drag. Cloud storage scan only works with OneDrive. Trend Micro Maximum Security protects as many Windows, OS X, Android, and iOS devices as your subscription includes. Its iOS protection is better than many other suites, but compared with the competition it's quite pricey.

From Trend Micro: Trend Micro Maximum Security provides comprehensive, multiple device protection and privacy for your digital life. It s unique security, designed to.

1 2 3 ... 35 Next Pros ---------- Cons ---------- Summary I am not satisfied. I been using the paid version for 2 years now and I was surprised last July when my laptop slows down and multiple windows were appearing when I just only clicked the My Computer for example. Even though I scanned my laptop using trend micro, it didn't detected the malwares. It was only then that my friend suggested that I download Malwarebytes to further check. And that's it! The Malwarebytes detected more than 1000 malwares and I was really surprised because that was really really reeeeeeally weird! I am just an ordinary internet user and I am not allowing or clicking the sites that are infected. The malwares have reached up to system32 files and my laptop always crashed. And I have no choice but to reformat my laptop. I was really really mad but I haven't got the chance to contact their customer service that time. But definitely I will contact them when I got the chance this week. Was this review helpful? Pros Ease of use; cost; performance Cons From my point of view Trend Product has no Cons. Summary I have been using Trend Micro Products for antivirus and security for over 8 years now and I truly believe it is the best product in the market today....My first interaction with the product was when it came with a motherboard I had ordered and was called PC-Cillin at the time. I loaded it up on one of my kid's machines and ask them to "break it"....They couldn't despite going everywhere on the internet and exposing themselves to potential breaches etc....Been using it ever since as have all the people I know who have asked for a recommendation (well over 250 people at last count).....Also installed it for several healthcare related entities with absolutely no issue.....Timed the updates for dat file update availability for threats in the wild and Trend consistently beats the competition....Order it/Install It/Use It!!! You will NOT be sorry. Was this review helpful? Pros I have used Trend Micro for over 20 years and I really like that I can protect up to 3 of my computers with one license. I have had no major issues purchasing, upgrading, renewing, installing, updating current virus defs, accessing my account online, or changing protection to different computers. I have had one minor issue a few years ago getting an upgrade to install properly on Windows 7, but one call to the support number got the issue fixed fast. Cons Can't think of any Summary Even though I have had no real issues with Trend Micro in many years, there is no protection in the world to protect you from bad internet habits. Great protection plus good surfing and email habits will keep you trouble free. Was this review helpful? Pros Trend Micro is the only scan that I will ever use. You will not be disappointed. Cons Weekly scan doesn't always take place. Was this review helpful? Pros I have been using Trend Micro for several years and in all that time I have picked up nothing of note. I think once there was a worm but it was dealt with quickly. I am not really computer literate and I feel comfortable knowing Trend Micro has my back. Cons None. We run it on three of our computers and have had no problems at all. Summary We highly recommend Trend Micro, especially if you are unsure about cruising the Internet. Was this review helpful? Pros Very satisfied with the product. Covers multiple devices and easy to use. Cons Haven't really found any Summary Doesn't lag your computer like some other software I've tried, simple to use, and gets the job done! Was this review helpful? Doesn't slow down our computers - this is my favorite thing about Trend. Catches viruses others don't. You can buy multiple licenses cheaply. Renewing is pricey. Buying at opportune times and reinstalling is better value. Summary I am a web programmer and designer, with ColdFusion Server installed on my laptop. So, I need to really protect my data. I have used Trend Micro for years, and have recommended it to others who experience the slow-down from other big names. Recently I had no choice but to hurriedly connect my daughter's external drive to my computer so she could combine video clips for a school project with my professional software. Trend found the viruses on her backup drive. They came from a new computer still running the free year subscription of a full Internet Security program by a big-name antivirus company. We uninstalled the free subscription and installed Trend to clean up her system. The computer also runs much faster now, because Trend uses common sense in how it scans the data. Was this review helpful? I have used Trend Micro for a couple years now, on all my pc's. Recently I accidentally opened an email that had a hazardous link in it. The Trend Micro warning stopped me from clicking on the link saving me exposure to a potential threat. no cons, just pros! Summary Don't go online without it! Was this review helpful? Seems to catch many threats that are evolving. Doesn't take up a lot of resources to stay active. Completely adjustable. Long time to do a full scan. Can have problems when uninstalling. Using newer versions they tuck all the options of the product into unlikely places. Summary Have used many Internet security suites before and so far Titanium has exceeded my expectations. I am a 5 or 6 year user of the product and am very happy with it. I know no one product is going to be 100% accurate, but Titanium comes very close. It alerts me of incoming threats and takes care of them when they do. Easy to install, use, update, and scan for threats and when it sees a threat on my system, it sends it to quarantine and isolates it. It is one of the best and my favorite. Was this review helpful? The software is unobtrusive (though you can make it annoy you if you like) and doesn't hog up my system resources and slow down my computer. Things I also like: -System Tuner -Secure Erase -SafeSync -Trend Micro Vault -DirectPass It doesn't give me the ability to punch spammers in the face over standard TCP/IP. Summary After becoming increasingly frustrated with security solutions from those two "big names", I did some research and tried Trend Micro, and have never looked back! Do yourself a favor. Stop wasting your time with those other guys and get Trend Micro Titanium. And for those of you who like those free anti-virus programs: You get what you pay for. Was this review helpful?

2016 SECURITY PREDICTIONS. From new extortion schemes and IoT threats to improved cybercrime legislation, Trend Micro predicts how the security landscape is.

From Trend Micro: Trend Micro Internet Security provides advanced protection and privacy for your digital life. It blocks dangers websites, giving you freedom from.

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