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It s time for our 3rd installment of Craft Storage Solutions. This week we re focusing on paper. Scrapbook paper was my first love in the craft world.

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Where in Middle Tennessee to find pick your own farms and orchards for fruit, vegetables, pumpkins and canning & freezing instructions!

Where in Middle Tennessee to find pick your own farms and orchards for fruit, vegetables, pumpkins and canning freezing instructions.

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About Butter s Love Academy - Clarksville, TN. Butter s Love Academy For Early Learning opened its doors in 1999. We offer a loving, peaceful, safe, and structured.

Berries on the Bend - Blackberries, Blueberries 723 Cairo Bend Road, Lebanon, TN 37087. Phone: (615) 456-8673. Email: berriesonthebend@gmail.com. Open: mid-June through mid-August; Call or email us to verify picking times and berry availability. Berries on the Bend grows fresh delicious berries in a relaxing country setting!!! We offer Pick Your Own and pre-picked (with advanced notice) thornless blackberries and blueberries. (ADDED: May 09, 2015, JBS) Breeden's Orchard & Country Store - apples, peaches 631 Beckwith Road, Mt. Juliet, TN 37122. Phone: 615-449-2880. Email: breedensorchard@comcast.net. Directions: From Nashville, I-40E to Mt. Juliet Road North #226B that takes you to Hwy. 70 (Lebanon Rd.) turn right go 2 1/2 miles to blue highway sign and large banner for peaches in the summer and apples in the Fall, turn right 1/2 mile on Beckwith Road to Orchard. Open: September to mid-October, Monday- Saturday, 9 am to 6 pm, Sun. noon - 6 p.m.; Fall: Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm, Sun. noon - 5 p.m. Only adults only may go in the orchard to pick the peaches. Adults and children may pick their own apples in the Fall. Bus Parking, Pets Allowed on Leash. Payment: Cash, Credit cards, Personal Check, Traveler's Checks. In business since 1974. A visitor writes on July 25, 2014: (positive) "I was reviewing some of the comments about Breeden's Orchard and had to send a comment. I visited the farm on yesterday, 7/24/2014, with my husband. It was the first time that I had gone with him, but he has been there several times. I can understand why they do not want children to come inside the store or pick peaches in the orchard. Some people do not pay attention to their children and when something is broken they don't want to pay for it. If the sign or phone message state only 18 and up can pick, then please respect their wishes. Don't bring children with you if you don't want to be disappointed. I had a very good experience and I told a friend about it and she wants to visit the orchard. Please don't let the negative comments discourage you. There are more positive than negatives out there and I thought I would take time out to let you know that I enjoyed the orchard. Keep doing what you are doing." Comments from a visitor on July 07, 2012: (positive) "Breeden's Orchard has the most wonderful peaches - six different varieties that ripen consecutively, so you can go back every few days and pick a different variety. It is important to call ahead - they update their voice mail regularly, so all you have to do is call to find out if they are open and when they will have peaches available. Don't drive out there without calling first - if they don't have any business and it's 2:00 pm on a hot day, they'll close up shop. Also, farming is an iffy business; they have to survey their orchards and make day-to-day decisions about when to open the fields for the health of their trees. They do not want any children to come pick peaches, because the fruit and the trees are very delicate. They DO welcome kids during apple season, and we've taken our two kids (ages 5 and 2) the past two years and had a great time with them during apple season. Just be sure your kids are respectful and careful. The owner is "no-nonsense," but don't let that put you off. Farming is a tough business, and they have every right to be protective of their livelihood. They have an excellent product, and they only charge $1/pound to pick your own. " Comments from a visitor on April 29, 2011: (negative) "I live in Wilson County, and I have 3 children (now teens). I have been taking them to pick your own farms since before they could walk. I do supervise my children when we are at someone else's farm. I understand the concept of both a business as well as a working farm. Breeden's apples and peaches are very good, BUT THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT KID FRIENDLY, if you want to pick your own. I took my children once and never returned with my children. There are several VERY kid friendly pick your own places in Wilson County including Pratt's Orchard and Kelly's Berry Farm. If you want to buy already picked apples and peaches, Breeden's has a good product. If you want to pick your own with children choose another farm." Comments from a visitor on September 15, 2010: (negative) "I took my 3 yr old daughter and newborn there after school today to pick apples. Their hours are listed on www.pickyourown.TN.org as being open today. The trip took us over 45 minutes (with traffic) and when we finally arrived it was closed. We were disappointed but prepared to try again another day. However, baby had endured a long car ride and needed to be changed and nursed. I allowed my 3 yr old to get out of the car and we sat in the public use area quietly minding our own business while I nursed the baby (under a cover up even though no one was there.) After a few minutes the woman of the farm came out of her house and began shouting at us, "Folks we are closed! Can’t you read?! It says so on the sign by the road that we are CLOSED!!!" When I could get a word in edgewise I told her that we had made a long trip to visit because the website said they were open and begged her to have compassion while I nursed the baby, then we would be on our way. She was irate and began waving her arms at us to try and shoo us away and said (about the baby) "Well you can just take care of it beside the road down the way, get off our property!" Again I tried to reason with her, telling her that the baby was almost finished and we would soon be gone, but she insisted that we take the baby somewhere else and leave. I told her that I'd never met someone so rude, that I couldn't believe how heartless she was, and that we would never come back. To that she responded "I don't care what you do, I don't NEED your business anyway!!! Now LEAVE MY PROPERTY!!!" I was horrified and of course my preschooler was frightened to see such a display of awful behavior from an adult. " Comments from a visitor on October 04, 2009: (negative) "My husband and I just went to Breeden's Orchard and Country Store (10/4/09). We looked at the reviews on pickyourown.com and went there looking to be able to pick our own apples. We got there and there is a big sign stating "No more apples to pick this year." Apparently they ran out in mid-September and now just sell them in the store. They have nothing else to pick at this time either, so it is just a country store. We were a little sad, so we then asked if we could just walk through the orchard. We were told by an employee, "Well, you can go right to the edge of the trees and look, but do NOT go in or the owners will have a fit." There were also several signs posted all over saying that kids couldn't pick, couldn't try things, couldn't touch things, etc. I won't recommend or not recommend the place, but I will say that we left feeling really disappointed and that they could use better customer service. It wasn't worth the drive, so definitely call ahead if you are planning to go to see if they are offering what you are looking for. We agree with a lot of the negative reviews posted below." Comments from a visitor on September 25, 2009: (positive) "I have taken my 2 grandchildren to Breeden's for the past few years to pick apples. It is great and they love it. We were just there last week. They provide wagons for your baskets or children. The instructions seem clear to me. Since they are small they do not last long and I usually just get one basket and then buy some prepicked in the store. I usually tell the kids to stay outside while I go in the store. It is just too tempting and lots of jars. I love the apple butter. I highly recommend Breeden's for apples and for taking kids." Comments from a visitor on July 11, 2009: (negative) "Like many other visitors, I was very disappointed with the lack of people skills & tact by the owner/workers concerning children. My 7yr old and I stopped by because the peach sign was up, peaches were ready. When selecting our basket, the lady was grouchy and told my child "you can't pick, only 18 yrs and older" then she looks at me. My child cried all the way home, day was ruined. Better signage is needed at the road and in any advertisements. This would help prevent families from making this mistake. I have lived in Mt. Juliet/ Lebanon all my life and was unaware of their rule. I doubt we will be returning." Comments from a visitor on July 08, 2009: (positive) "I do not agree with some of the previous comments. I have been visiting this orchard for years and the owners are real people trying to make an honest living doing hard work. They have kids and grandkids and expect all customers to parent their own children. I don't think that the public in general realize what all goes into doing this kind of business and how lucky we are to have them in Wilson county. The trees and the fruit are very fragile and cannot be climbed in or pulled on too hard or they will break. Who can't understand that? My family has already been this week and bought peaches. They are delicious, flavorful & juicy this year. I can't wait to go back and get more soon." Comments from a visitor on May 23, 2009: (negative) "I was not at all surprised to see the comments regarding Ms. Breeden. My experience had nothing to do with picking peaches... rather.. her demeaner toward children in the store... if my daughter even looked at something as it she would touch it.. she was repremanded... my daughter took a field trip there too...and it was obvious how rude she was to the children... 2 trips was enough for me... i live in wilson county.. and i will never go or recommend this site.. sad, i left there with a "bad feeling" and of "surprise"... wont be spending my time or money there again" Comments from a visitor on July 20, 2008: (positive) "I've been buying from the Breeden's for many years. They do not charge $3.50 (admission) except for school tours. Peaches I bought today are BIG and JUICY. I saw lots of children today. They are not allowed to pick because the trees are fragile and that is posted. I don't think it is fair to say not child friendly. They have a sitting area for the children and someone to watch them. It is a working farm...They try to make it so people can pick their own or they have them already picked and sorted by grade and price. " Comments from a visitor on July 28, 2008: (negative) "My friend and I visited Breeden's Orchard with two 2-year old girls. The woman working the orchard was extremely mean when we asked about taking the girls into the orchard. If they want to advertise that it's for 18 and up, fine, but she didn't need to be so rude about our inquiry. She even went as far as still talking bad about us trying to sneak them in the field as we were walking away from the barn. A very disappointing orchard that I will not visit again." Comments from a visitor on October 15, 2008: (positive) "Just ran across your web site and found it very informative. Thanks for the pesto recipe. Breeden's Orchard in Mt. Juliet, TN is one we've frequented for many years--wonderful peaches and apples. Hours of operation and rules of picking are clearly posted. They pick daily and sell out. When plenty of fruit is available--adults only are allowed to pick peaches. An answering machine is updated daily with fruit availablity and rules about no children in orchard. Breeden's provides a family friendly atmosphere and but like many, this is a family operated farm and visitors must respect their wishes. I agree with other commentors to your site--I don't care for bruised fruit from mishandling or adults that act like kids--sneaking kids into the orchard--unreal!!" Bubba Pratt's Farm is Pratt's Orchard and Garden Center - apples, peaches, strawberries, Honey from hives on the farm 4944 Trousdale Ferry Pike, Lebanon, TN 37087. Phone: 615-444-7742. Email: jack@prattsorchard.com. Directions: are on the website or you can call!. And for a map to our farm, click here. Crops are usually available in May through September. Open: The farm is open Monday to Saturday; Hours are posted on the website; You can also call for more information. Presuming the weather holds strawberries can start in late April and May Peaches can start in late June but generally July and into early August Apples start in late August and into September. Payment: Cash, Check. (ADDED: February 08, 2009) Circle S Farms - blueberries, strawberries, 1627 East Old Laguardo Rd, Lebanon, TN 37087. Phone: 615-405-6860. Open: Generally, we are open for strawberry picking the month of May but call for details. Directions: Click here for a map and directions. Payment: Cash, Check. (UPDATED: May 11, 2012) A visitor writes on May 06, 2014: (positive) "We are very excited to say we last left a review saying we was a family with 7 kids and enjoyed our yearly visits to Circle S Farms and now have 8 kids to share with the Mothers Day trip to get our strawberries. Called Mr. Nelson and 2014 strawberries are coming in now 5/6/2014. He expressed they had a big weekend of pickers this past weekend and are excited about the quality this year. Cannot express the simple treatment they give to all visitors and have always made us feel welcome with our big group of kids. Keep up the good work Circle S Farms!" (positive) "We are a Smyrna family with 7 kids. We have made a Mothers Day tradition by going to Circle S Farms even though we have moved from Wilson to Rutherford. The 1 hours drive each way is WORTH IT. The entire team at the farm has always made us feel welcome no matter if we called them on the phone or in person at the farm. We have seen them grow bigger each year. Not sure if the honor system of pay for what you get is still in place during the week but they have staff on the weekend to help with loading, selecting, conversation, etc. As we said they are very helpful if you call and we always call a month before going and this year Mr. Nelson said we needed to arrive a week before Mothers Day if we wanted best crop since the berries are coming in 3 weeks early this year. It will mess up our tradition but the not running out of the homemade strawberry jelly and jam that mom makes from the berries is more important than a certain day of arrival. I have not found another farm that would inform you about the crop or answer a phone after hours and those small details are important to us. If you take kids keep in mind that early morning has less bugs and heat. It is worth the extra cost for pre-picked after you have half a basket with kids. THANKS CIRCLE S FARMS for giving my family a memory that will last a lifetime. " Comments from a visitor on June 27, 2011: (positive) "This farm is our favorite! During the week they operate on the honor system which allows us to pick berries at our leisure without dealing with weekend crowds. They have a picnic table shaded by a tree where we've enjoyed our newly picked fruits and an occasional picnic. We're headed back again today and plan to verify out their fresh peaches and corn. As much as we 're looking forward to it, it seemed appropriate to let others know what a gem this farm is in Wilson County!" Comments from a visitor on May 06, 2011: (positive) " Great for pick your own and see the hens and goats on the weekends. Kids love washing the berries at the old fashion hand pump. Sweet and welcoming, the farmers and family are great. We have been returning visitors for the last four years and look forward to the first of May each year for berries! Four Stars!!" Dewey Acres - Pollenless Sunflowers and Zinnias. 365A N. Greenhill Road, Mt. Juliet, TN 37122. Phone: 615 758-8846. Email us at: deweyacres@comcast.net. Directions: 40 E or W to Hermitage Exit. right on Andrew Jackson Pkwy. right on Lebanon Road left on N. Greenhill Road 3/10 mile on Left. Second house in drive. Click here for a map to our farm. Crops are usually available in July, August, but the 2007 sunflower crop is a bit late and will be available from late August into October. Open: Call for hours and crop availability. Closed on Sundays. Payment: Cash, only. Email us to request available colors of flowers! Kelley's Berry Farm - Blackberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries. 50 Riverview Lane, Castalian Springs, TN 37031. Phone: (615) 633-1426. Alternate phone: 615) 374-3050. Call for directions. (UPDATED: May 09, 2015, JBS) Comments from a visitor on May 08, 2010: "We love Kelley's Berry Farm and make the drive over from Nashville every season. They are friendly and make you feel very welcome. This is a true 'pick-your-own' which means bring containers for carrying your berries home with you. They do have plastic bags, but berries can be squished if you carry them home that way." Pratt's Orchard - apples, peaches, U-pick and already picked 4944 Trousdale Ferry Pike, Lebanon, TN 37087. Phone: 615-444-7742. Email: jackprattsorchard@gmail.com. Open: Monday to Saturday 8 am to 5 pm Sunday 12 pm to 5 pm See Facebook for "Closed for ripening" information. Directions: Conveniently located off interstate 40 at exit 245 Linwood Road, 1/2 mile north to Trousdale Ferry Pike, 1 mile west on the left. Payment: Cash, Check. Click here for our Facebook page. Because we sell only our own tree ripened peaches and apples it's always best to verify via Facebook or call for availability. (UPDATED: June 11, 2014) (ADDED May 10, 2008) Comments from a visitor on March 03, 2011: "We drove from Murfreesboro to Pratt's orchard in Wilson Co., after researching several farms. We chose Pratt's b/c we saw reviews that said it was kid-friendly. Luckily the reviews were right. We went w/our then 2 y.o. last year and will be back again this year for more than the apples. It was a wonderful experience for him. An older gentlemen greeted us when we arrived. He was friendly, told us where we could find certain apples and which ones were good for the types of things we wanted to make. We picked a little red wagon for our son to ride in. We had a wonderful time. He picked a few apples, chased a grasshopper and was thoroughly tuckered out by the time we got back to the car. We took lots of pictures. He loved snacking on those hand-picked apples. They were delicious. Already looking forward to our next trip to the farm!" Comments from a visitor on August 08, 2008: "Went to this orchard for the first time to pick peaches and it was great! Everyone was very friendly and the peaches were delicious!"